MTZ 921 Orchard - 105 HP

MSRP*:  $48,200 US


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105/95 (Net / PTO Hp), 4 cylinder Engine • Extra Narrow-62” wide • 4 Wheel Drive • Cab heat & AC • Transmission: 2-Lever shift control, 14F+4R gears • front & rear wipers • Live open centre hydraulics with 3 remote valves • 540/1000 independent 2 speed & ground speed PTO • 14.9r30 rear tires and 12.4L-16 front tires (with fenders) • front weights 10x20 kg • air compressor with air inflation hose • Complete PDI, Field Ready PDI.

MTZ 921 Option 42/8 - Front Hitch


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- Engine User Manual
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