Plant History

The Production Association of Minsk Tractor Works (P/A MTW) was founded on May 29, 1946. Over the years of its existence, P/A MTW became one of the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment with nearly 20,000 employees. It produced over 3 million tractors and exported more than 500,000 of them to above 100 countries. Today, MTW offers the customer 62 models of different kinds of vehicles with more than 100 assembly options for all climates and operating conditions. New models have wide possibilities in mounting agricultural machinery of various producers. All tractors for sale have international certificates that confirm their compliance with European Union standards. Beside tractors P/A MTW offers the customer a wide range of special vehicles for forest felling and improvement, material handling, municipal services, and mining.


The enterprise approach to production of the well-known Belarus tractors started with the KD-35 tracked tractor. It began to manufacture MTZ-2 tractors with pneumatic tires in 1953. That determined its further specialization. MTW produced the wheeled tractors together with KT-12 skidding tractors. In 1958, MTW made its 100,000th tractor.


Production of the MTZ-50 versatile wheeled tractor was launched in 1961. The introduction of the MTZ-52 tractor model followed. This initiated the exportation of the MTW tractors. The millionth tractor was assembled in November 1972. An intensive export development in terms of volume and geography has began since the introduction of the MTZ-50/52 tractors. By 1975, export quantities reached over 18,000 tractors per year. 1974 was the year when MTW started batch production of a more powerful tractor, MTZ-80. This is the most numerous tractor model in the world.


Establishment of the Production Association of Minsk Tractor Works. It consists of a parent company and the following enterprises:

  • Special Tools and Production Equipment Plant;
  • Vitebsk Tractor Spare Parts Plant;
  • Bobruisk Tractor Parts and Units Plant;
  • Main Specialized Engineering Bureau for Versatile Row-Crop Tractors.

Minsk Tractor Works began to develop mini-vehicles in 1978. It created and put into production: motoblocks (walk-behind tractors) with 5, 6, 8, 12 hp. (MTZ-05, MTZ-06, MTZ-08BS, MTZ-12), MTZ-082 4-wheel mini-tractors with 12 hp. The Belarus tractors have been constantly improved. The MTZ-102 100-hp tractor was introduced in 1984.

24 March 1984

The 2,000,000th MTW tractor rolled off the main assembly line! First samples of the MTZ-142 150-hp tractor were made in 1985.


Several modifications of the MTZ-220 tractor with 22 hp were designed and put into batch production. A team of designers was awarded with a State Award of the Republic of Belarus in 1995 for creating the compact vehicles. MTW started production of a new tractor, MTZ-1221 with 130 hp. It was very efficient and productive. First such tractors appeared in 1994. MTW organized production of 15 models of so-called alternative vehicles: municipal, forestry, transporting used in mines, material handling. All of them are based on Belarus tractors and their units. The 3,000,000th tractor appeared in 1995.


In 1999, MTW presented the new MTZ-2522 250-HP versatile tractor. The Belarus-1802 tracked tractor was designed and presented on the anniversary date of Minsk Tractor Works in 2000. Its design includes a number of major engineering ideas. On its way to foreign markets MTW certified all its tractors in Silsoe Institute (Great Britain). Now they comply with European standards. In early May 2000, the enterprise received a certificate of ISO-9001 quality management system consistency for designing and production of tractors. It means that MTW has a quality system that corresponds to requirements of international standards. This was confirmed by a certification auditing done by TUV-Turingia Company (Germany).


2002 – Alexander Alexeevich Pukhovoi has been appointed a general director of P/A MTW. Assembly line of “Belarus” tractors has opened in Kiev on the base of joint-stock company “Factory “Leninskaya smithy” of the “Ukrprominvest” concern. 2003 – Two prototypes of “Belarus MTZ-2822” tractors were produced at Minsk Tractor Works – they are the most powerful machines from the series of wheeled tractors (280 h.p.). Limited company “Trading house MTW-ElAZ”, Elabuga (Russia) was established. 2004 – MTZ-52 the one millionth tractor was reconstructed, it has been made on the works in 1972. All units and parts were changed; they were specially produced in trial production shop of MTW, because such model had not produced for a long time. There was an inscription on the hood of renewed cab: “Second life for the one millionth tractor. 1972 - 2004”. Minsk Tractor Works began to produce tractors with engines certified by “Euro-2” standard. To P/A MTW has been affiliated: Minsk pinion factory with subsidiary in Lepel, Gomel factory “Hydroprivod” with subsidiaries in Narovlia and Khoiniki, Mozyr machine works. Two collective farms were affiliated to Minsk Tractor Works in Logoisk region, become the agricultural shops of RUP "MTW". Subsequently they were united in one shop - “Gaina”. 2005. Alexander Grigorievich Lukashenko, president of Republic of Belarus, congratulated the collective of P/A “Minsk Tractor Works” on the great working victory – production of 40-thousandth “Belarus” tractor in 2005. General director of P/A “MTW” – general director of RUE “MTW” – Pukhovoi Alexander Alexeevich was conferred of title “Minsker of the year 2005” in industrial area. The heavy duty prototype of 360 h.p. tractor was created on Minsk Tractor Works. Now the new energy saturated MTZ-2022 tractor with 210 h.p. is labeling by “Gold quality mark”. There were developed regulations for common factory competitions “The best specialist” and “The best tutor”, which holding becomes a good tradition on the factory. 2006 – Minsk Tractor Works celebrated its sixtieth anniversary. Enterprise was given the Honorary state banner of Republic of Belarus for special achievements in economic development. Group of factory workers was rewarded with the state awards of Republic of Belarus for long productive works, achievement of high manufacturing indexes by RUE “MTW” workers and for important personal contribution on improvement of byelorussian tractor production. Production of heavy duty Belarus tractor prototype with 450 h.p. was dated for factory’s anniversary, it hasn’t any other analogue in the world. 28th of December, the 50-thousandth machine was assembled at the main assembly line at RUE “MTW”. Alexander Grigorievich Lukashenko, a president of Belarus, has celebrated the collective of RUE “MTW” on this significant event. 2007 – The first prototype of “Belarus-2822DZ” model with 280 h.p. was assembled with German “Doiz” engine meeting requirements of ecological parameters Tier 2A. This tractor has successfully passed the parametric and life tests. Our enterprise has expanded a commodity distribution network abroad. There were established own subjects of network in Rumania and Bulgaria, new assembling in Kazakhstan and Russia. June, quality management system of RUE “MTW” has successfully passed the second certification for requirements compliance of STB ISO 9001-2001 in the national certification system and in TGA system (Germany), as a result the duration of certificates has been prolonged to 2010. Ministry of industry of Belarus has marked the RUE “MTW” by premium for progress in quality area of product production. In the current year RUE “MTW” was carrying on the preparation efforts for application of industrial safety management system on the base of OHSAS-18001 international standard and STD-18001 local standard. 29 of November, Minsk Tractor Works has held a conference for realization of collective agreement for 2004-2007 years and acceptance of collective agreement for 2008-2010 years, where the collective has considered a social partnership of employer and enterprise workers with estimation “good”.