MTZ - Competitive Advantages

We realize that it would be a huge time investment for you to do a comprehensive tractors review, in order to compare features/specs/price of what is out there. Therefore, to help you out, we provide the attached market study. It is not scientific, because of the huge variety of available options, features, price programs, promotions etc. Yet, we hope it will be a useful reference tool.

We attempted to price the different brands in a configuration similar to our model. Where a manufacturer offered several tractor lines for a particular power category, we listed just the most affordable model.

Main conclusions:

  • MTZ tractors remain price leaders in each power category.
  • Despite lower price, MTZ is usually offering the heaviest/strongest tractor in each power category, with largest 3 point hitch capacity.
  • Of the 54 tractors surveyed, only 5(!) were made in USA. We are not saying it’s good or bad, it’s just the fact. So if the customer is assuming that he is supporting US production by sticking with a particular color, most likely he is wrong at best, or intentionally misled at worst.
  • Unlike most competitors, MTZ can still offer Tier 3 engines, which are much simpler mechanical design, and do not have all the complicated electronics and computers.
  • MTZ is offering long stroke, low rev engines, designed to outlast most competing brands.
  • Some competitors offer more gadgets: MP3 players, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, color screens etc. We offer none of this.
  • On the “down side”, some competitors offer more models with automated transmission, and transmissions with more speeds. In our defence, synchro transmissions are considered simpler and more reliable. We are also not sure if having a complicated 24x24 transmission is that useful for many common tasks – never seen anyone using 24 speeds in reverse…

MTZ Standard Features, extra features and unique features listing:

While doing the research, we found it interesting that many brands advertise low cost “bare bone” tractors. Many common features are simply omitted and available only as extra $ “option”. For instance you have to pay extra for front weights, 3 rear hydraulic outlets, front fenders. Some even charge extra for factory assembly!  We are not sure many farmers will skip that option and take tractor kits for home assembly. A tractor is not IKEA furniture!

Therefore, we decided to list all the standard features that are included with MTZ tractors, and cost $$$ from other brands.

Guess what, MTZ standard configuration includes options which cost 6-14,000$ extra from most competitors.

Some valuable features like built in air compressor or down pressure at 3 point hitch are unique and not offered by anyone else.

We also listed some optional features that we do offer for extra cost, but they cost 6-10,000$ more from other brands. As example: front hitch/PTO; bi-directional drive/controls etc.

We trust that this list will be a valuable tool when researching the market for your next tractor.

Tractor Pricing Market Review, October 2014

MTZ Extra Features Comparison