Official letter from the factory in Belarus regarding product distribution in USA / Canada

To all USA/Canadian dealers.

Some of the dealers are still getting conflicting messages from different sources. Therefore, to clarify the issue, please note the following:

·         Our company is the only authorized USA/Canada distributor for Belarus based Minsk Tractor Works.

·         Factory web site is The site also lists all of the factory international distributors.

·         Our company has no relations or association with Milwaukee based “Belarus Tractors International" ( Tel 1-800-356-2336). We have no knowledge of the company(s) they represent now (or for the last 10 years) – please address this question to that company.

·         Only tractors supplied by us have the proper engines approved by EPA (Environment Protection Agency) for emissions, legal for sale and guaranteed to be in compliance with all applicable USA/Canada environmental regulations.

·         Only tractors and parts supplied by us are guaranteed to be made to full factory specs, contain genuine OEM parts and be warranted by us and the factory.

See a letter in regards.

Please feel free to contact either us or the factory directly for any other information you may need.

Looking forward to working with you.