MTZ-Kirovets K744 demonstrations schedule and locations

MTZ-Kirovets K744 demonstrations schedule and locations:

Sep 19-26: Live demonstrations at Vande Goor AG Service.

713377 Middletown Line, Norwich, ON, Canada. Tel: 519-424-3574 Ask for Brent or Charlie

Sep 19-26:  Come drive and view MTZ – Kirovets K744 pulling Summers diamond disc.

Directions:  Wadena, SK, Canada.   1 1/2 miles west of Paswegin (located 6 1/2 miles west

of junction 35 & 5 on h-wy 5) onto Lakeview road go 3/4 mile west on south side of road.

E1/2 12-35-15-W2.  Call 306-338-7950 , Ask for Russell.

Oct 3-14:  Benton, MO, USA. Call 903-335-4395, ask for Rick.

Oct 3-14: North Lethbridge, AB, Canada.

Directions: TWP Road 9-2  North Lethbridge. From h-wy 3 between Lethbridge and

Coaldale go North on Sunny Side road till 4 stop sign and go East.  we are locate on your left. 

Call 587-220-4628, ask for Erik.

Nov 9-12 : Agritrade show, Red Deere, AB, Canada.  Booth: CLL0608