What is the life expectancy of MTZ Belarus tractors

August 18, 2016

What is the life expectancy of MTZ / Belarus tractors ?

We received the bellow email from a farmer near Woodstock, ON (Canada).

The farmer is sharing his happiness with 1970s Belarus 820, which has about 12,000 hours, and is still running well.

Which made me think – what is the life expectancy of MTZ/Belarus tractors ?

Our service engineer sent us a photo of 46 years old MTZ-50 running very well in Sudan.

I talked few weeks ago to a farmer in Western Canada running 2 x Belarus 7100 (300+ hp).

One of them has 15,000 hours. The other one was used for breaking land, he amassed over 23,000 hours on it.

Can you share some stories or photos – how long Belarus made tractors are good for?

And on the same note – most other brands offer tractors loaded with computers, sensors and everything but the kitchen sink in them. But will they last 40 years, 20,000 hours?

Your opinion ?

"From: Filip
Sent: June 5, 2016 3:30 PM
To: Arie. P MTZ
Subject: My Belarus 820

Hello Arie, I want to let you know my pride in my Belarus 820.

Today when plowing with my 820 the hours turned to 1981 hrs. (my birth year).

I want to point out to all potential customers is my 820 timer has turned over to 9,999 hours + 1981 (my Birthdate). The tractor pulls and runs like great

( better then my Deutz or David Brown). There is no smoke and the engine oil is clean and at the full mark.  

Filip "