News Update: The situation in Russia-Ukraine and its effect on us

In the last few months concerned dealers and farmers repeatedly asked us:
How is the situation in Ukraine / Russia is affecting MTZ ? Are there any sanctions etc. ?

Short Answer: Does not affect us at all, neither positively or negatively, not now nor in the future.

Long Answer:

MTZ tractors are made in Minsk, Belarus.
Majority of the components are made locally in Belarus, including engine, transmission, axles, tires, cab, pumps etc.
Belarus is an independent country for over 20 years, separate from Russia or Ukraine.
Whatever sanctions were imposed, those are against Russia.
Sanctions are mostly financial. Not that we need, but if it was required we can legally import whatever tractors or parts we need from Russia.

Side note 1: Belarus made tractors/parts  were imported and sold in USA/Canada since 1970s.
Even during the darkest days of Cold War (Soviet Union Afghanistan invasion, Olympic boycotts in Moscow and LA) the tractor trade was never affected. So no reason for it to be affected now.

Side note 2: Belarus was actually the mediating country, which helped Ukraine and Russia negotiate an agreement and stop hostilities. See